It can be a tough decision when you know that you want to change but aren’t sure how much of it. If you are struggling to decide between a complete home remodel or uprooting your entire family to move to into a new house, we have just the article for you.

Today, we are going to share with you our top 5 reasons we think you should consider remodeling your existing home instead of moving into a new one. We will go over how this practice can save you money and time while lowering your stress and allowing you to get creative.

Let’s jump into it!

Remodeling Can Save You Money

Although home renovations can be daunting and seem like a lot of work, they often cost less than moving altogether. This is because, by the time you have paid the moving expenses, inspections, estate commissions, closing fees, and more, you are already forking out a huge sum of money.

The average cost to relocate from a $200,000 house to a new home can range from 15,000 to $50,000. At the same time, the average full renovation on a house of the same size is $48,000. Even when relocating would be on the lower end if you factor in the value added to a home after a remodel, you can expect the remodel to have a better return on investment (we will touch on this more later).

The Location

Another top contender for why remodeling your current home is better than buying a new one is the location. Odds are that you are comfortable where you are at. Maybe your home is within walking distance from the grocery store or your favorite restaurant, or maybe you want to avoid changing your kid’s school district. Whatever the reason, staying put in your house and opting for a home remodel may be the decision you want to make if you are already happy with your location.

No Moving Stress with a Home Remodel

Everyone knows that moving can be stressful. Before you even get to the packing phase, you need to list your own home, find a new one, go through inspections and tours on both ends and then fill out a TON of paperwork. It is then, once all of that is over, you will begin the next few weeks packing and unpacking boxes filled with your entire life.

On the other hand, by choosing a home remodel, you can avoid the hassle of moving and oftentimes even stay in your home during the construction (depending on the project, of course). Plus, unlike moving, there are no deadlines for when the projects need to be finished. Since you will be the resident after the remodel is complete, you can set the timeline to work in your favor.

Personalization of Your Space

One of the most exciting parts of a home remodel is that you get to personalize your space. During your remodel, you will be saving money on moving, meaning that you can splurge on all the fine details you are hoping to incorporate into your new home. Yes, we truly mean that picking a remodel over a move could leave you with enough money, time, and energy to add that jacuzzi in the master bathroom and those pricey (yet totally worth it) marble countertops you’ve always dreamed of.

Increase In Your Home’s Value

We mentioned above that one of the common reasons many owners choose to get a home remodel on their current home rather than move is because of the cost-efficiency. Remember how we also mentioned that a good remodel can increase your home’s value, resulting in a better ROI compared to moving? Well, we want to expand on that a bit more and tell you exactly how much the average home value increased after a full remodel.  

After the average remodel, a homeowner can expect to see a 56% return on what they spent remodeling their home immediately. This is because that value is now added to the home. Plus, over time, as your home continues to go up in value, you will eventually end up getting your entire investment back based on the estimated sell price of your home.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, choosing whether to stay and remodel your current home or to move and leave behind what you know is a personal choice, and a hard one at that. When trying to make the final decision, keep in mind the benefits of a remodel. From saving money, time, and stress to getting to be your own interior designer, remodeling often acts as the greater choice.

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